Blithe patting water pack rejuvenating purple berry review

Because I love you the most ♥️ — out of the three. I’ve gone through several bottles of @blithecosmetic Splash Mask Purple Berry and it never disappoints me. It did sound gimmicky at first, because of the “splash mask” concept itself. It was new and unheard of. But hey, if it works, it works.

The Purple Berry, by looking at the ingredient list, contains the most variety of berry extracts (Bilberry, Acai, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry). Other plant extracts such as Sugar Cane, Orange, Lemon, Supar Maple, Gardenia, Sweet Potato. Making this, in my opinion, to have the highest amount of antioxidants in the Splash Mask variants. I love antioxidants and depend on them for my skin’s overall health.

It has 13.2% Lactic Acid, which makes it quite high if it’s used on its own. But since the product is diluted with water, the concentration will be much lower. The direction of use is 700 ml of water mixed with 7 ml (one cap) of product, which makes the ratio 1:100. But, 700 ml is a lot, so I use less. I just eyeball it around 200 – 300 ml of water, pour few ml using a measurement spoon I have from a cough syrup 😆. I don’t always get the 1:100. It’s just a guide for me. On some days, I may mix more depending on how my skin feels that day.

Because it’s a bit messy, I use it strictly during shower, after double cleansing. I’d simply splash and pat the solution continuously. I never count but I’m guessing under 1 minute. I also like to save some for my husband as well. Even then, there’s still some left so I just GUYUR it all over my body 😂 and I actually love it because my skin feels very soft afterwards.

Same goes with the face, immediately I can feel my skin softer, hydrated, slightly plumper. There’s a touch of brightness and clarity as well. It was an instant hit in my routine back then and it still is every time I come back to it. I think the reason why it works because of the patting motion. Basically introducing a lot of water (hydration) content with nutrients while AHA sloughing off the dead skin, multiple times in a short timeframe. It’s a combination of clarifying, exfoliation and hydration, all in one. The best part? It’s gentle!

It may be slightly tedious at first, but I make the solution really fast and it doesn’t take that much time either to pat the mask. I don’t towel my face, but go straight to first essence, hydrating toner, etc. On a side note, sometimes I also like to mix the Green Tea with the Purple Berry for an extra clarifying action, whether it’s because of a building congestion or simply because I want to after a long day outside.

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