Blithe Vital Treatment 5 Energy Roots review

Blithe 5 Energy Roots is the third and last variant that I try from the brand’s Vital Treatment range. The name represents the 5 different root extracts used which are Ginseng, Gobo/Greater Burdock, Indian Lotus, Deodeok, and Chinese Bellflower.

On top of that, it has quite a few diverse selection of plant extracts such as Cogon Grass, Mistletoe, Ginkgo Biloba, Mulberry, Pomegranate, Fig, Chinese Peony, Huang Qi, Yam, Rehmania and so many others – making this quite a concoction. Somehow reminds me of an intricate herbal soup 🍲 that’s been simmering for hours and maybe even days. There are just so many things going inside!

My final thoughts don’t change much from the initial impressions: this is the most lightweight out of the three, in terms of texture and also the hydration it gives to my skin. The watery texture seeps into the skin easily and absorbs right away. Doesn’t feel sticky (just like its sisters). It feels pleasant and easy-going.

This one is the perfect one to use for the 7-skin method (where you layer for 7 times), even then, it doesn’t leave my skin feel heavy or “pliket”. This makes it also suitable if I want to combine other hydrating toner or essences in the same routine. Or, I can definitely combine all three variants at one time. Sure why not, I have all of them anyway! 😆

If you’re only looking to focus on increasing the skin’s hydration, then the VT 5 Energy Roots would be a very good one to start with. Hydration is lyfe, y’all 👌🏼

If you’re a fan of this one, drop a comment below!

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