Kiehls Vital Skin-Strengthening Super Serum review

It offers not just Hyaluronic Acid, but specifically 11kDa in size. Low molecular weight means it can penetrate deeper, retain moisture better, longer and leaving the skin feeling suppler. Another new technology Kiehl’s developed for the serum is Adaptogenic Herbal Complex, comprised of Holy Basil, Red Ginseng Root and Schisandra Berry – which are adaptogens themselves. They are antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, have superior healing properties are are commonly used in Traditional Chinese, Korean and Ayurvedic medicine.

The Super Serum focuses on skin strengthening, protection against external stressors such as sun exposure, temperature change, pollution, lack of sleep, to name some. These can affect the skin’s health, causing sudden or accumulative issues like dryness, dehydration, dullness and even premature aging. Don’t get me wrong, we all age, but given the circumstances the skin can deteriorate at a faster rate.

I really enjoy the Super Serum, because it doesn’t offer “much”. I know, what a paradox, right? More often that not, it’s this type of serum that I can use over and over again. I couldn’t quite pinpoint specifically the major difference the serum gives on my skin. I want to use the word elevated basic, because “basic” tends to be disregarded easily. But having a good, solid basic skincare routine that we could always go back to isn’t as easy as we say the word basic. To me, basic products are essential in keeping the skin healthy and balanced.

I find it to be extremely friendly on my skin. I’m on Retinol and AHAs for nighttime lately and the Super Serum becomes the buffer for daytime. It helps my skin to heal from the adverse reaction I might have with stronger active ingredients, such as tightness, dryness mild irritations. It adds resilience to a more fragile skin. It’s definitely hydrating, lightweight and still bring substance.

It’s not a product that directly gives highly-favored results like brightening or dark spot-reducing. But a healthier base can bring overall radiance to the skin.

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